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HOW TO AVOID HUGE SHIPS (Brick Books, Sept. 2018)

ISBN 978-1-77131-485-5

$20.00,104 pages

—Finalist for the 2019 Governor General's Literary Award

—Long listed for the Raymond Souster Prize

—Washington Independent Review of Books, Poetry Exemplar 

—Quill & Quire, Editor's Pick

—An SPD bestseller

“She is the poet laureate of aftermath, of what we do in the wake of things. She picks up the broken pieces

of what’s left, and these she patches together, as she can, into beautifully-wrought poems that bear eloquent witness to what remains.”
                                                                                                          —Seán Kennedy

“Alert and precise, perceptive and measured, Julie Bruck’s poems calibrate situations both grave and brave, serious and hilarious, whilst avoiding the “large ships” of heavy-handed conclusion. Here are genuine smarts, mature talent, and a wide-angle vision.”        

                                                                                                          —Sharon Thesen

“Julie Bruck writes graceful, lovely and wonderfully constructed poems that are a pleasure to read.”


                                                                                                         —Stephen Dobyns

MONKEY RANCH (Brick Books, 2012)
ISBN 13: 978-1-926829-74-6
ISBN 10: 1-926829-74-3
$19.00, 88 pages

—Now in a 4th printing
—Winner of The 2012 Governor General’s Award for Poetry
—A Globe & Mail 100 Best Books of 2012.
—San Francisco LitQuake’s “Summer Reads” pick, 2012
—Finalist for the 2013 CAA Award for Poetry    
—Finalist for The 2013 Pat Lowther Memorial Prize
—Salty Ink’s Dozen Best Poetry Books of 2012

"I have long considered Julie Bruck to be one of our most committed and humane voices. Bruck sees everything we do; she just seems to see it wiser. Her poems sing and roil with everything complicated and joyous we human monkeys are."
—Cornelius Eady     


“...both her craft and worldview have grown, acting like a lens, magnifying and focusing ...into a mature, white-hot point, the kind kids might use to kill ants or set newsprint ablaze.”

                                                                                                           —The Globe & Mail            

“Her craft is guileless, smooth as silk and as terrifying as Poe.”                                         

                                                                                                           —Lemon Hound 

THE END OF TRAVEL (1999, Brick Books)
ISBN: 1894078047
ISBN-13: 9781894078047
Price: $14.00

"I love the compassion she feels for the people in her poems —again, a rare quality, and rarer still for being authentic. All of it is grounded by careful attention to how a poem can be made to communicate, so that emotion no longer belongs exclusively to the poet but is transpersonal, evoking compassion in the reader, too. 

                                                                                                           —David Kosub, Arc

"A wise and eclectic poet, she faces so many things head-on, especially grief. At the heart of this book is a brilliantly-wrought elegy, unselfconscious, lucid and loving. These are poems that hurt and heal long after you’ve closed the book."                                                            
                                                                                                          —Lorna Crozier


"A sharp and wry alertness to the contemporary moment...For Bruck and her readers, surprises proliferate even—or especially—in places where one least expects to find them."                         
                                                                                                          —Canadian Literature


ISBN: 0919626661
ISBN-13: 9780919626669

—1994 A.M. Klein Award for Poetry

"These are remarkable poems--smart, lucid and honest. Bruck catches the small private moments of people around her--a family in a cafe, a neighbour watering the lawn, a parking lot attendant holding the keys--and transforms them into poems that resonate with meaning and desire. Some of her lines are so luminous, they seem on the verge of turning into light."                   

                                                                                                       —Lorna Crozier

"This is fine poetry. Startling and hauntingly familiar."

                                                                                                     —Nathalie Cooke, The Gazette


"...opens with one of those home-run poems that you just have to stare at as it goes over the bleachers."

                                                                                                                                      —The Globe & Mail

LA SINGERIE (2013, Les Editions Triptyque)

ISBN: 9782890318953


French translation of Monkey Ranch by William S. Messier.

"Souhaitons que cette soif la poursuive encore longtemps. Pour lire encore sa poésie. Pour observer le monde sans detourner le regard, pour étudier l'être humain, pour en explorer ses singeries. Pour étre moins seul dans ce zoo qu'est la vie."


                                                                              —Alexandra Migneault,  Les Libraires


A few poems from “Monkey Ranch” are also available as letterpress broadsides:

contains three separate sheets (“How to Be Alone,” “Milk Teeth,” and “Gold Coin”). Each poem is printed on creamy stock and the set is slip-cased in a luscious red wrapper. The sleeve is 13”h x 6”w, and the broadsides are 12”h x 5.75”w.

The broadsides were made by Abby Letteri at Dog’s Tail Press in Wellington, New Zealand, in an edition of 40 signed copies. $40.00 per set (plus shipping).            


MUTANABBI STREET, BAGHDAD was designed and printed by Carol Todaro, as part of the “Al-Mutanabbi Street Starts Here” project. The broadside is part of a large collection created to memorialize the bombing of Baghdad’s historic street of booksellers in 2007. The broadsides are being exhibited world-wide, and a complete set are at the Iraqi National Library and Archive in Baghdad. The project also published an anthology in  2012, and is currently curating a show of artists’ books. All proceeds from the project (including sales of this broadside), go to Doctors Without Borders/ Medicins Sans Frontieres.

The broadside has a very subtle design which doesn’t reproduce well, but the title is in large letters that are almost transparent--a bit like cloud. The color is lighter than it appears here. The paper is in gradations of sky blue to almost white. The piece is 12.50”h x 18.25”w in an edition of 40, and is signed by both Carol and Julie. $40.00 ea (+ postage).
(proceeds go to Doctors without Borders/Medicins sans Frontieres)   SOLD OUT

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