A few poems from “Monkey Ranch” are also available as letterpress broadsides:

“Gold Coin: Three Poems by Julie Bruck” contains three separate sheets (“How to Be Alone,” “Milk Teeth,” and “Gold Coin”). Each poem is printed on creamy stock and the set is slip-cased in a luscious red wrapper. The sleeve is 13”h x 6”w, and the broadsides are 12”h x 5.75”w. The broadsides were made by Abby Letteri at Dog’s Tail Press in Wellington, New Zealand, in an edition of 40 signed copies. $45.00 per set (plus shipping).            


Gold Coin: slip-case            Gold Coin: enlarged detail

“Mutanabbi Street, Baghdad” was designed and printed by Carol Todaro, as part of the “Al-Mutanabbi Street Starts Here” project. The broadside is part of a large collection created to memorialize the bombing of Baghdad’s historic street of booksellers in 2007. The broadsides are being exhibited world-wide, culminating with a set going to the Iraqi National Library and Archive in Bagdhad The project will also publish an anthology in June, 2012, and is currently curating a show of artists’ books. All proceeds from the project (including sales of this broadside), go to Doctors Without Borders/ Medicins san Frontieres.

The broadside has a very subtle design which doesn’t reproduce well, but the title is in large letters that are almost transparent--a bit like cloud. The color is lighter than it appears here. The paper is in gradations of sky blue to almost white. The piece is 12.50”h x 18.25”w in an edition of 40, and is signed by both Carol and Julie. $45.00 ea (+ postage). Only 8 available, and all proceeds go to Doctors without Borders.

Mutanabbi Street:                    Mutanabbi Street: enlarged detail

(almost) full frame